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Features & Compatibility

Get the easiest and most effective antivirus!

Enjoy multi-device protection with powerful Kaspersky Total Security Antivirus 2023-2024. You will have benefited from transaction security, camera security, password management, VPN and more. All these attractive features are bundled in one license.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security 2023-2024 makes it even easier for you. Indeed, Kaspersky Total Security 2023-2024 is an ideal software for complete security and it is one of the most tested and recommended security tools in the market which warns you once you are on a suspicious website and protects you from virus attacks. Take advantage of all available features including Safe Kids, file protection, password management and many other great features.

Protection of Privacy and Identity

Kaspersky Internet Security blocks trackers from accessing your computers, so your online activities cannot be tracked or collected. If unauthorized programs try to access your PC or Mac’s camera or microphone, or if spyware is detected on your Android device that can track your calls, messages, and location, you’ll receive an alert.

Impressive Technology to Protect Your Money

Whether you’re using a PC or Mac, Kaspersky’s exclusive Secure Money technology opens a secure browser when you shop or bank online, protecting your credit card data, online accounts, and financial transactions. When you open Kaspersky Secure Browser, your passwords, bookmarks, and settings are preserved regardless of which browser you use – Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Fast, Powerful, and Efficient

Kaspersky Internet Security 2023-2024 works in the background, constantly scanning for threats. So you get reliable protection that won’t get in your way. The new intuitive control panel allows simple and easy access to all functions. The latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2023-2024 installs in half the time. Plus, it’s now 15% lighter, reducing the load on your computer. System requirements will never prevent you from protecting your device, as the software is compatible with outdated devices.

If you’re interested in Kaspersky Internet Security, you can visit kaspersky.com for more information.