Windows Server 2022 Standard

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Features & Compatibility

A first detailed look at Windows Server 2022 Standard

Microsoft Server 2022 is the latest server version from the software giant. Windows Server 2022 builds on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2019 and introduces a number of innovations in three main areas: for security, Azure hybrid integration and management, and software platform support. In this description, we take a look at the new Windows Server 2022 Standard release.

Windows Server 2022 Standard

What’s new in Windows Server 2022 Standard?

For now, Windows Server 2022 is available in two editions: Datacenter and Standard. In this description, we’ll takesoftware platform support a look at what’s new in the Standard version. The standard version of Windows Server 2022 is intended for physical or lightly virtualized environments and enables quality solutions for cloud and on-premises environments. Here are the 3 main features you will benefit from once you install the server.


Windows Server 2022 provides advanced, in-depth risk protection by combining existing security capabilities in multiple areas. With advanced multi-layered security in Windows Server 2022, servers get the protection they need today.

Hyper-V improvement

The latest version of Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) in Hyper-V has improved virtual switches. Therefore, the packets can be combined and treated as one large segment by the hypervisor network. CPU cycles are reduced and segments remain consolidated along the data path until they are finally processed by the desired application. This means better performance for network traffic from an external host received by a virtual NIC, as well as network traffic from one virtual NIC to another virtual NIC on the same host.

Storage Migration Service

The improved Storage Migration Service in Windows Server 2022 simplifies the migration of storage from multiple source sites to Windows Server or Azure. By running Storage Migration Server Orchestrator on Windows Server 2022, users can move local users and groups to a new server, move storage from failover clusters, migrate to failover clusters, migrate between standalone servers and failover clusters, and even migrate storage from a Samba-enabled Linux server.

Download Windows Server 2022 Standard now from and experience the advanced features, including enhanced security, Hyper-V improvements, and the improved Storage Migration Service, that provide better performance and simplified management for your environment.